How to Clean Kitchen Tile Grout

Keeping kitchen tile clean is more than just mopping and sweeping. Learn our professional tips on how to clean kitchen tile grout:

There is just something about having real tile in your kitchen. It creates a crisp and inviting decor for your kitchen.

Porcelain, slate, ceramic or natural stone.  There are many tile choices, colors, patterns to reflect your personal style.

Tile can be very beautiful but there is nothing appealing about dirty, stained grout. You will want to know how to clean kitchen tile grout.

We have a super-secret simple chemical free tile cleaning solution. It will help keep your kitchen tile floor looking great in between professional cleanings.

What’s the secret? Vinegar.

OK. It’s not really a secret. Vinegar has been around forever.

The modern home is loaded with toxic and dangerous chemicals designed to make your life easier.

The cost of these commercial chemical cleaning products can be high on your wallet and your health.

In the United States, 33% of people suffer from allergies, asthma, sinusitis or bronchitis. Treatment for these conditions should include reducing exposure to synthetic chemicals in your home environment.

There are many products labeled “green” but be sure to read the ingredients to be sure there are no harmful chemicals.

For most home cleaning chores, including when it is time to clean kitchen tile grout, you can make your own cleaning products.

That’s where vinegar comes in.

Here is what you will need:

  • White vinegar (they even have vinegar labeled as cleaning vinegar)
  • Baking soda
  • Dish detergent
  • Spray bottle
  • Tile brush

OK. Now that we have everything we need her are the steps to clean kitchen tile grout without harmful chemicals.

Steps to Clean Kitchen Tile Grout:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda on the grout. Using your finger, make sure it covers all the grout. Then wipe away any excess powder.
  2. Fill the spray bottle with vinegar and apply it over the baking soda. (Remember the six-grade science project volcano. It kind of like that but on a smaller scale and the red food coloring dye.) This is a safe chemical reaction that lifts dirt!
  3. Let it bubble up for a few minutes. But not too long, or the dirt will settle back into the grout.
  4. Time for your trusty grout brush. Give the grout a good scrub to get the dirt solution off the grout. Be ready for it to be muddy!
  5. Keep a cup of water nearby to give the brush a quick rinse when needed. Be careful not to add too much water to the floor. The grittier the solution the less work you will have to do to scrub it.
  6. Use a cloth of paper towel to wipe up the muddy solution. (If you want to keep it environmentally friendly use a cloth instead of paper towel.)
  7. Vacuum over the area to suck up any excess baking soda.
  8. Finally, mop the area to remove any excess vinegar or baking soda.

Are you worried that your kitchen will smell like vinegar for hours or days?

Well, fear not. The smell dissipates within minutes of being applied to the floor.

If you enjoy the citrus scent commercial cleaners offer you can make your own citrus infused vinegar cleaning solution to mop your floors when you’re done.

This way you can enjoy the lemony fresh scent we all associated with a clean kitchen without exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals.

For citrus infused vinegar:

  • Fill a jar with citrus peels (you don’t even have to waste the fruit!)
  • Pour undiluted white vinegar over them.
  • Leave for a few days (two weeks at the most).
  • Strain out the vinegar to use as a natural cleaner.

You can use this to clean kitchen tile grout and as a window cleaner (dilute with water) or for mopping floors, or for disinfecting surfaces.

Natural cleaners are not just good for your environment and health but also for your budget.

Vinegar paired with one or two other non-toxic ingredients is a great cleaning solution to clean kitchen tile grout and other grout throughout your home.

If you use this natural cleaner rather than a different commercial cleaning product for every different area of your home you will save not only money but also space under the sink, in your cleaning closet and cabinets.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our steps to clean kitchen tile grout are great for routine cleanup but you will still want to call a professional tile cleaning service each year.

Chem-Dry of Auburn/Lincoln tile cleaning reaches embedded dirt in the porous portions of tile and grout that standard DIY cleaning cannot.

The longer embedded dirt lives in your grout the more harm it does.

Even better. Chem-Dry of Auburn/Lincoln uses green certified cleaning products and eco-friendly methods to achieve superior results.

You really don’t need cleaning chemicals!

Call (530) 889-1144 to learn more about our tile cleaning service


Chem-Dry of Auburn/Lincoln cleans ceramic, stone and marble tiles and grout.

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