Bear Dog Park in Roseville, CA

Bear Dog Park Information

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It is important for dog owners to remember just how important exercise is for dogs. Dogs that exercise are much happier and healthier. One of the best places for dog exercise in Placer Co. is Bear Dog Park in Roseville, CA.

Bear Dog Park is 2 acres of open space for your dog to run and roam and exercise. The dog park is located at 1575 Pleasant Grove Blvd within Mahany Park in Roseville.

The dog park features two areas, one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs. This ensures that all dogs, no matter their breed or size, can safely enjoy the amenities and experience at Bear Dog Park.

Each area includes a walking trail, agility playground and benches for owners to relax in the shade and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Guests can arrive at Bear Dog Park after sunrise and stay until sunset. The dog park is closed on Tuesdays from 6-10 AM for routine cleaning and maintenance.

Pet owners are responsible for their dogs. Dogs should remain on their leash until you have entered the designated area for your pet. If your dog becomes unruly or is not friendly with other dogs at Bear Dog Park you will be asked to leave.

You might wonder why it is called Bear Dog Park? The name is in honor of Bear “Baron Von Der Kristin” – a former K-9 for the Roseville Police Department. Bear served in the police department for six years and is one of the most heroic dogs to ever serve in the department.

Have you been to Bear Dog Park? There’s nothing much better than seeing your dog enjoy freedom outdoors to run and play and socialize.

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